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Changes in your voice can begin in the first lesson!Mic Techniques & Performance

LynAnn King is a voice coach and experienced stage performer in the San Francisco Bay Area, with her practice studio located in Marin. She uses an integrated voice training method that brings out the unique qualities in any singer’s voice. Through the process of various techniques and a customized program for each singer, LynAnn fine-tunes the voices of solo artists performing and/or preparing for recording sessions.

Music study basics (when needed), practice warm-up homework and ear training, prepare a singer for rehearsals with their bands, stage performance and recording sessions. Once the voice is properly tuned up, LynAnn and the student develop the right emotional sounds for a song, and fine tune a singers own sound.

LynAnn helps the singer to understand the full range of their voice by customizing the right vocal warm-ups, in the right tone registers, with a customized warm-up regiment. Instructions for understanding all elements of the power of the voice, including building up the lung power, proper placement and pronunciation of vowels and the proper use of consonants, help to give a singer full confidence in their own voice.

LynAnn’s extensive stage performance, built on a foundation of years of training, allows her special insights into problems of singers at all levels. She improves a singer’s projection, range and breathing through consistent building of the voice.

Instruction & Coaching includes:

  • Correcting previous bad techniques that have caused problems in the voice
  • Developing a singer’s personalized sound
  • Expanding breath control
  • Commanding articulation in diction with vowel sounds and consonants
  • Customized daily warm-up lesson plan
  • Blending techniques between the vocal registers and cracking problems
  • Ear training for targeting exact pitch of the tone
  • Learning and exploring why some techniques just don’t work and why
  • Stage presence and mic techniques
  • Material song selection
  • All levels of singers, from beginner to more seasoned looking for a tune-up or correcting bad technique
  • Performance opportunities, special events and/or sit-ins

LynAnn offers singing vocal lessons whether you’re beginning, intermediate or an advanced singer. She coaches students of all ages. Whether you want to join the school choir, kill it at karaoke night, or start your own garage band, this a great place to start. You’ll learn proper vocal technique, breathing, pitch control, song selection, ear training and much more! Lessons are customized according to your skill level.

Let LynAnn help you develop the natural, contemporary sounding singing voice you want! She can help you learn to connect your with voice, conquer pitch problems, and build a strong musical foundation. As a performer for three decades, in solo performances, trio bands, as well as featured singer with 18-piece big bands, LynAnn is experienced with all levels from total beginner to advanced.

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