KingSings PR is committed to partnering with restaurants to bring this dinner theatre experience of “The Golden Era of Hollywood” to a new generation of audiences. This show features an amazing singer songwriter and lyricist, Johnny Mercer, along with intricate details of the life & times of the glamorous Hollywood composers. There are so many timeless and entertaining movie themes of the era that are showcased. King weaves stories into the show, making each performance totally engaging and entertaining, with audiences hanging on the edge of their chairs. Here are a list of promotional materials that KingSings PR helps create for each restaurant partnership complete with restaurant logo branding.

  • Event Poster – designed in partnership, with approval processes, and posted in restaurant in advance to attract show attendance
  • Press Release – professionally written and sent out to media
  • Table Tent – customized for each restaurant promoting the show, and adding to the restaurants email contacts
  • Sample postcard promotional piece – with the restaurant brand logo to be used in promoting the show
  • Personnel Tip Sheet – educating the restaurant personnel staff about the show and booking details
  • Point of Purchase sales piece – accompanying the F&B bill helping to promote the show in advance for returning clientele
  • eBlast Campaign – KingSings PR works with restaurants marketing department by providing professional photos, graphics and marketing content
  • Full Calendar Posting template – sent out to over 441 calendar sections in the area

Event Posters Aurora_Final_Poster

Press Release

Table Tents

Enticing loyal fans to join restaurant club.Promoting the upcoming performance.
Point of Purchase
eBlast Campaign (using Constant Contact)